Cat Boarding


Open concept with a country view for your kitty

Our "non caged" cat boarding pet  resort, are designed to give our feline guests a feeling of a "home away  from home".  Our rooms our divided by trellis, with their own cat tree,  chair, cat cave, and window to gaze out onto our beautiful acreage.   All our guests are kept separate until they may be comfortable to mingle  with the other Pawsh guests;  felines may often be territorial in their  own homes but rarely while "visiting" .  Please visit our kitty room video tour to get a feel of our cat rooms;  feel free to book a viewing (Monday through Saturday at 10:30am or 2:00pm).​


A Pawsh Oasis is a wonderful cat care boarding kennel located in Victoria

A  Pawsh Oasis is a wonderful cat boarding kennel with cozy rooms equipped with a fireplace, furniture, and a giant cat tree by the windows so your feline can gaze out upon the PAWsh grounds of our boarding facility ! 

Of course grooming and a little TLC will be lovingly supplied everyday to insure that your cat will be purring in lavish contentment!  

Our cat boarding facility is designed to eliminate the “jail” like environments of the many cattery business’ of today.

  Please call to book a tour of our cat care boarding facility.  Your Cat will love the relaxed private area separated from the other furry guest.

Please call to book a tour of our cat care boarding facility.



Cat Boarding Rates:

$18.00 per day

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